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Christian Wassmann’s Book List

Books are important tools in my studio; they inspire our work and are always on our desks. As a student I spent a lot of time in the library doing research for my projects, but I never liked to borrow books. I preferred to own them, mark them with notes, and collect articles, press releases, and other information inside the front cover. I always tried to find the most important books on a specific artist, architect or subject, study them and then cross-reference them. This ever-expanding archive represents everything I was ever interested in. The collection now serves as an extended memory that I can revisit at any time or dive deeper into a subject if desired.

Today a lot of information can be found on the Internet, but for me books have more authority due to the good authors, editors, and publishers who make them. In addition to their content, I love books also as beautifully designed and well-crafted physical objects.

It was very difficult to pick favorites for this list since each book has been inspiring and formative in one way or another. All the books in this selection helped me to see and realize previously hidden connections.

1 book
John Neuhart
Marilyn Neuhart
Ray Eames

Like a catalogue raisonné this book presents all the projects by one of the most fruitful husband-and-wife collaborations. Together with the members of their office they developed original ideas into innovative lasting design objects, playful films, and ephemeral exhibitions about art, science, history and technology. With the year-by-year chronological order of this book one can understand how each project led to the next. Unlike in other monographs, at the beginning of the section for each year, all team members are listed.

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