David Kelley

Academic; Writer; Executive / Product Design / United States / IDEO; d.school, Stanford University

David Kelley’s Book List

When I look over this list as a whole, I realize these were the books that trained my mind for design thinking. Through them, I found my design heroes, and they inspired me to retool my brain to be a more perceptive organ. Each one, in its own way, taught me how to approach the world with more empathy and an intrepid spirit of play. My life and work would have taken a very different path had I not read them.

1 book
Nathan H. Shapira
Renzo Zorzi

This book opened my mind to great European design. Olivetti, who designed my favorite typewriter, the Olivetti Valentine, by Ettore Sottsass, was a bigger deal in the early 20th century than Apple is today.

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