Deborah Berke

Architect / United States / Deborah Berke & Partners Architects

Deborah Berke’s Book List

I have always loved books—books of all kinds. I like reading books, I like being in rooms where there are books, I get inspiration from books, I like giving books as gifts, I like having a book with me.

My list is an eclectic one of books I have enjoyed and books I have learned from. I always have a large pile of books—fiction and nonfiction, books with images and books without, poetry, plays, collections and surveys, essays—on my nightstand, and always a book in my bag.

2 books
A. M. Homes

In everything she does A.M. Homes shows us the dark and the weird in late 20th- and early 21st-century America. Her writing is brilliantly funny.

Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel writes with such exquisite precision that one savors every carefully selected word and each elegantly constructed sentence.

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