Greg Lynn

Architect; Product/Industrial Designer / United States / Greg Lynn FORM; Greg Lynn YACHT & Co; University of Applied Arts, Vienna; UCLA; Yale University

Greg Lynn’s Current Reading

6 books
Michael D’Antonio

September 2013. A history of innovation and entrepreneurship in general. It appeals to my Welsh background and also finally explains the invention of the term “big cheese.”

Paul Hendrickson

September 2013. I took on the foolhardy quest to build the perfect boat of my own design and read this as a cautionary and inspiring tale.

Nathaniel Philbrick

September 2013. The ironic story of how a ship avoided sailing a short distance to a tropical paradise for fear of cannibals only later to have those on the boat cannibalize one another after uncounted days at sea. It is all uphill after the first paragraph, describing the discovery of the last two survivors sitting in a boat full of bones.

Sylvia Lavin

September 2013. I think my wife (Sylvia Lavin) is a genius but she never gives me her writings to see so I have to buy the books myself in order to read them.

Eric Jay Dolin

September 2013. Worth reading just for the catchy light-spirited brutality of the Quaker whaling sea shanties.

Tim Zimmermann

September 2013. The book to follow Around the World in 80 Days. Everything I love: innovation in design, technology, and construction.

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