Jasper Morrison

Product/Industrial Designer / United Kingdom / Jasper Morrison Ltd.

Jasper Morrison’s Book List

Haruki Murakami, Georges Perec, Primo Levi.

10 books
Alberto Denti di Piranjo

Memoir of an Italian doctor in North Africa during the war. Wonderful writing.

Bruce Chatwin

Short and beautiful essays.

Norman Lewis

A master travel writer.

Haruki Murakami

Japanese genius storyteller.

Primo Levi
Translated from Italian by Raymond Rosenthal

A life told through the author’s involvement with the elements.

Eric Newby

The story of a master travel writer.

Georges Perec

Essential reading for those in the object business.

Raymond Roussel

Beyond the normal limits of human imagination.

Wilfred Thesiger

Or any book by this author.

Herwin Schaefer

Good to stay in touch with one’s roots!

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