Jeffrey Beers

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / United States / Jeffrey Beers International

Jeffrey Beers’s Book List

The subjects and authors of many of these books are people I admire as leaders in their fields. Their personal philosophies have encouraged me to live passionately and fearlessly, and to always strive to create experiences that bring people joy.

3 books
Conrad N. Hilton

Tracing back to his early childhood in the Territory of New Mexico, Conrad Hilton tells the story of how he built an empire from his first motel in Texas to his purchase of the Waldorf Astoria. I am inspired by “Connie” Hilton’s passion, principles, and good spirit.

John F. Kennedy

I loved this book for its view of hope and confidence concerning our future. The series of vignettes are inspiring and spiritual.

Danny Meyer

Danny Meyer has built a successful career on the simple principle that the guest experience comes before anything else. As a designer, I share his notion that great hospitality design begins with considering the guest experience. This is a great read for anyone who wants to learn from a man who has mastered the art of simple, honest, and genuine hospitality.

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