Jeffrey Bilhuber

Interior Designer / United States / Bilhuber & Associates

Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Book List

Here you will find a list of books that have inspired me in my professional and personal pursuits. Some I find I reference everyday, while others have simply stuck with me less as reference tools and more as life lessons.

4 books
Valentine Lawford

A visual gold standard for a revealing look at families and tastemakers in the houses and gardens they’ve created.

Derry Moore
Mitchell Owens

Absolutely stunning and extravagant interiors are presented in a magnificent display of affluence, combining an old-world setting of castles and royalty with new twists.

Peter Thornton

A “must” for anyone inspired by historic interiors. The author conveys the personality and unique relationship between owner and interior while remaining informative and poignant.

Martin Wood

A retrospective look at the star of the design world in the 20th century, tracing the evolution of his unique and signature style.

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