Jessica Helfand

Graphic Designer / United States / Winterhouse

Jessica Helfand’s Book List

I mostly read non-fiction, only a fraction of which is design-related. I tend to get more out of reading non-design-related things (as this list will reveal), I think, because the references and the language tend to stretch both my mind and my vocabulary. (I often tell my students that I get more out of a New Yorker profile than any design book, and it’s true.) . . . View the complete text
2 books
Susie Linfield

Linfield’s a fearless writer who looks at visual responses to violence as human responses to violence. She’s also not afraid to take on the heavyweights like Walter Benjamin and Susan Sontag—which I find refreshing.

Christopher Payne
Essay by Oliver Sacks

With exquisite photos by Christopher Payne and a pitch-perfect essay by Oliver Sacks, this is the rare coffee table book that’s worth plunging into, start to finish. Beautifully written, photographed, sequenced, edited, and printed. Without a doubt one of my favorite books.

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