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Architect / United States / 1100 Architect

Juergen Riehm’s Book List

This list focuses on a selection of artists and architects that have inspired me throughout my career. While I was studying architecture at the Städelschule Academy of Fine Arts, there was a strong exchange between the students and faculty in all of the various artistic fields. This interdisciplinary collaboration is one of the defining features of 1100 Architect’s work. We have designed residences and studios for artists including Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, and Ross Bleckner; designed the home of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation; and integrated works of art by James Turrell and Anselm Baumann into our designs. Working for and with these artists has broadened our understanding of the perception of space and continues to have a profound influence on our architecture.

5 books
Gustav René Hocke

Hocke cleverly divides the world into two extreme yet coexisting realms—the fantastical and the rational. Reading this while a student at the Städelschule Academy of Fine Arts, I was struck by his broad way of observing and discovering the world.

Corinne Diserens et al.

I am inspired by how Gordon Matta-Clark’s way of observing architecture forces us to rethink spatial relationships.

Peter Noever Editor

James Turrell’s way of perceiving space through light has been influential in our work at 1100. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Turrell on one of our residential projects, for which the client commissioned the artist to create a scrim-like light sculpture in the main living area.

Donald Judd
Renate Petzinger
Hanne Dannenberger

As an architect, I find the strongest aspects of Judd’s work to be its relationship to context and the use of material and color.

Kynaston McShine
Richard Serra

This catalogue accompanies The Museum of Modern Art’s groundbreaking 2007 exhibition of Serra’s inspiring work.

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