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Lisa Jenks’s Book List

One of my favorite things (after reading) is to collect design and art books. I will use any sort of excuse to add one if there is the slightest chance that it may be helpful for a particular project. Failing that, if a book is beautifully printed and I am feeling slightly flush, into the collection it goes. I have slowed down as of late, though, since my bookcases are a bit crowded.

I find I am now drawn to books that have scientific, metaphysical, or spiritual leanings. Even though I have some novels on my list, I find that these days they are not catching my eye, but I’m not sure why.

3 books
Stuart Durant

Nice overview that begins with William Morris and extends through to the 1980s.

Gerald Berjonneau
Jean-Louis Sonnery

This was the first art book I bought when I was in the midst of designing my initial jewelry collection. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Anthony J. P. Meyer

A beautiful visual survey of Oceanic art—it brings to mind my favorite rooms at the Met.

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