Paolo Deganello

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / Italy / Paolo Deganello Architetto e Designer

Paolo Deganello’s Book List

All of my research and projects focus on trying to overcome the many injustices that afflict the most vulnerable individuals of society. Thus my ideal client almost never has the power to commission a project from me. I try to use the project opportunities presented to me to represent “the new”—bearers of radical rethinking—even if the resulting ideas contradict the reasons for those opportunities.

My design work is critical design, in the sense that it is design that functions as a critique—since many of my works aren’t built or produced. My book list reflects this approach.

1 book
Recession Design

The work and ideas of the DIY design collective Recession Design, formed in 2008 in Milan. Composed of young designers from a variety of different countries, the collective designs and produces creative and original but inexpensive furniture using simple industrial materials and artisanal processes.

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