Richard Saul Wurman

Architect; Graphic Designer / United States /

Richard Saul Wurman’s Notable Books of 2012

1 book
Joel Katz

I began working with Joel Katz 40 years ago. We learned from observing each other, which allowed us to discover maps that lead to understanding. This volume is just that. The journey from not knowing to knowing is from ignorance to understanding, from complexity to clarification. This book was done by one of the few who have mastered what I used to call “information architecture,” and what I perhaps should have called “understanding architecture.” The book itself is a diagram of clarification, containing hundreds of examples of work by those who favor the communication of information over style and academic postulation—and those who don’t. Many blurbs such as this are written without a thorough reading of the book. Not so in this case. I read it and loved it.

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