Rudy VanderLans

Graphic Designer / United States / Emigre

Rudy VanderLans’s Book List

The books I’ve listed here came to mind immediately upon receipt of the invitation. They have inspired my design, photography, and editing work, and I know that I’ve learned from them and often refer back to them. What exactly I’ve learned from them is difficult to determine. But my work has improved over the years—at the very least it has grown more mature—and that didn’t happen all by itself. I blame that on the books I’ve read, particularly the ones listed here.

Also, I love this website. Just the fact that anybody would care to make such a big deal about books and about what designers read gives me hope. It feels good to know that people are still interested in books, particularly printed books. And I love it when a new technology is used to celebrate an old one.

1 book
Anne H. Soukhanov Editor

This is by far the most used book in my library. It's been broken in like an old baseball glove, and it has all the wear and tear to show for it. I simply love to pull this book from its shelf, hold it in my hand, and flip through its pages. And each time I open it, I learn something new. It's an indispensable tool for design, writing, editing, and punctuation.

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