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Tiana Vasiljev’s Notable Books of 2011

Every designer will agree that there is something truly wonderful in picking up a well-written and beautifully designed book.
The following publications focus on the areas of typography, graphic design, and product design. The selection of books on this list have been impeccably written and designed to the highest standards. They are all new and essential publications that have surprised, inspired, and informed me throughout the year. I can only hope that they will all one day find a place in your design library.

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Sophie Lovell

I fell in love with the work of Dieter Rams when I first visited his exhibition at the Design Museum in London. There is nothing as exciting as seeing such a large collection of his products on display in one place. However, I must say that this book comes extremely close. As Little Design as Possible is by far the most elegant and well-documented book written about Dieter Rams. The range of selected paper stock, minimalist design, and wide variety of visual matter displayed throughout the publication makes this book an essential for every designer. It is a very clear, comprehensive, and beautiful presentation of the designer's work and philosophy. It is a crucial piece for anyone interested in Rams’s products, legacy, and ideas.

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