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Charles Eames, Mies van der Rohe, Herbert Spencer.

4 books
Pat Kirkham

In this 1995 book, the author offers an in-depth interpretation of the careers of the two members of this most famous design partnership. Although I have been primarily inspired by European developments in modernism, one cannot think of design without this very important American couple. My house is full of their furniture.

Franz Schulze

Architecture from the modernist period is a source of inspiration for me. Mies van der Rohe is one of my heroes. His work is a rigorous analysis of structure and space. This book, published in 1985, provides a fascinating image of this great architect.

Herbert Spencer

Published in 1969, this is an important sourcebook on the development of modern typography. It is an introduction to what led up to the new concepts in graphic design, and makes clear that modern typography does not have its origins in the conventional printing industry but is entwined with 20th-century painting, poetry, and architecture. It is an inspiring book. 


Markus Kutter

This book (Ship to Europe, not translated into English), an almost abstract story of the transatlantic crossing of the ship Andrea Doria, was published in Switzerland in 1957. It struck my eye when I saw it that year in a bookshop. Designed by Karl Gerstner, the book has a striking typographic structure, and is one of the best early examples of the inspiring Swiss direction in graphic design. It was of great importance for my own development as a graphic designer.

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