Zara Arshad

Writer; Editor / China / Design China

Zara Arshad’s Notable Books of 2012

5 books
Carl DiSalvo

Assistant Professor of Digital Media at School of Literature, Communication, and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Carl DiSalvo explores how design practice can be extended beyond usability and tangible objects, viewing the combination of interactive technology and design thinking as a means of political discourse. Both inspiring and provocative, the ideas brought forth in this new publication reveal the true potential of design and how critical practice can be used to address challenging issues in politics, society and beyond.

Sandu Publishing Co. Limited

Asia-Pacific Design (better known as APD) is an annual publication by Guangzhou-based Sandu Cultural Media Co. Ltd and Design 360°: Concept and Design Magazine. Conceived in 2005, it has become well known for representing and promoting outstanding works by graphic designers throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. Any publication that relies heavily on submissions is always susceptible to misrepresenting; however, APD filters and curates honestly, offering a charming and sincere visual account of Asia’s rising graphic design industry.

Lorraine Justice
Foreword by Xin Xinyang

Informed by extensive firsthand experience, former Director of the School of Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Lorraine Justice, dissects the state of Chinese design, from the influence of history and politics to cultural paradoxes. One of the very few (English) releases that handles the topic in a sensitive yet timely manner, this is a must-read for those wishing to grasp a basic understanding of the Chinese design industry.

Hans Ulrich Obrist Curator
Karen Marta Editor
Phil Tinari Editor

Serpentine Gallery, London figurehead Hans Ulrich Obrist interviews over 100 China-based creatives on their thoughts about the future; valuable “not for what it predicts about the future, but for what it tells us about the moment during which it was assembled.” Contributions from both established and rising stars such as Ai Weiwei, Ma Yansong, Jia Zhangke, Chen Man, Masha Ma, Wang Shu, and Zhu Pei.

David Bownes
Oliver Green
Sam Mullins

The world’s first—and probably most iconic—underground railway celebrates 150 years in 2013. This new, official publication captures the story of its creation, blending social history with “the story of the pioneering engineers, designers and social reformers who created the system, reflecting on the problems of keeping a fast-growing city on the move.” A fascinating insight into the evolution of not just the London Underground and its identity, but also of the character of London itself.

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