Founded by Arthur Niggli in Teufen in 1950, the Swiss publishing house Niggli Verlag focuses on the fields of architecture, design, and typography. Niggli Verlag aspires to produce aesthetically pleasing books made to an exceptionally high standard of quality. The success of this concept can be measured not only by the increasing number of books sold, but also by the numerous prizes awarded to the company, including for “The Most Beautiful Swiss Books“ and “The Most Beautiful Books Worldwide.“ 

Niggli Verlag also operates Benteli Verlag (, a publisher of fine art and photography books.

Box 366 – Color Cards

by Moritz Zwimpfer

Box366 is exactly what people in all areas of creative work have long been waiting for: a flexible set of color cards for practical use in architectural, interior, product, graphic, fashion and textile design, for drawing lessons … The box comprises 366 color cards. It is not a color system but a comprehensive collection of colors for practical use.

Color Accordion

A color design tool by Ulrich Adolf Namislow

The Color Accordion is an instrument for experimenting with color harmonies. 36 hues in the form of square passe-partouts can be mixed together as in a card game. In this way, an immense range of color chords can be produced. A stimulating and entertaining orientation to the world of color.

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