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Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter July 23, 2013

Fashion designer Reed Krakoff: Reed Krakoff Collection (New York)
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Fashion designer Reed Krakoff—creative director of the Reed Krakoff Collection—is also a dedicated collector and patron of the arts and a noted photographer. He recently published his second book of photographs, Women in Art: Figures of Influence (Assouline), featuring the images and words of an international array of high-style gallerists and curators. Designers & Books asked him to talk about the book and posed a few questions about his reading habits. More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter May 1, 2012

Jewelry designer Lisa Jenks: Lisa Jenks (New York)
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The work of jewelry designer Lisa Jenks is prized for its originality, drama, and tactility. She is known especially for being finely attuned to the materials she works with, particularly sterling silver, in a way that allows physical characteristics to communicate cultural allusions. Her aesthetic influences range from angular forms in urban architecture to glyphs on the Mayan pyramids in Uxmal. More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter July 5, 2011

Fashion designer Christian Lacroix (Paris)
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Like his acclaimed couture designs, the life and career of Christian Lacroix can be described as sumptuously adventurous, explosively colorful, grandly visionary, and endlessly inventive. “I never loved the world around me as it was,” he says, reminiscing about his childhood in a recent interview with The Guardian (London). “I re-designed it all in my own style.” More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter May 24, 2011

Fashion designer Stephen Burrows: Stephen Burrows (New York)
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In the special and celebrated world of fashion designers who are recognized with a star on New York’s Fashion Walk of Fame, Stephen Burrows is known for his adventurous application of color, his creative approach to structure, and the innovative and surprising ways he details his fabrics. The titles he includes on his book list for Designers & Books show a dramatic dedication to fashion and also someone with a keen and consuming interest in all of life’s mysteries and magic. More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter April 18, 2011

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi: Isaac Mizrahi New York (New York)
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Isaac Mizrahi sent us a list of books every bit as colorful, compelling, and eclectically inspired as the clothes he designs and the life he lives. While perhaps best known for the clothes and accessories in his many fashion collections, his activities and range of interests include acting in films and on television programs; designing costumes for Broadway shows, the Metropolitan Opera, and ballets; writing—from comic books to style guides; hosting “Watch Isaac,” his daily web series; and appearing regularly on “Isaac Mizrahi Live!” on the QVC Network.


Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter March 15, 2011

Among the books chosen by Akiko Fukai, Director and Chief Curator of the Kyoto Costume Institute (KCI) in Kyoto, is Issey Miyake: East Meets West. The title provides a symbolic link to the books selected by Claire Wilcox, Senior Curator of Fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London. More...

By Steve Kroeter March 8, 2011

We sent out our second monthly newsletter last week—which meant that some people hit reply and thoughtfully sent us return notes. We got one from Linda Golant, whom we are always particularly happy to hear from, since she owns The Fashion Bookstore in Los Angeles—a Designers & Books affiliated bookseller. More...

Book List of the Week
By Steve Kroeter February 15, 2011

From Cynthia Rowley’s intriguing book list you get that she gets art. There are books about artists (John Currin and Rachel Feinstein); books about the lives of artists (by Calvin Tomkins); and also a book about the migration of minimalism from art and architecture to the sartorial arts (by Elyssa Dimant). Also, her business activities extend beyond fashion into the art arena: she is co-founder of Exhibition A, a website that sells exclusive editions of artwork by contemporary artists. More...