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Talking Eds
By Wes Del Val January 26, 2021

In this installment of Talking Eds, Wes Del Val talks to Rory McGrath, cofounder, with Olly Knight, of the London-based design studio OK-RM and its publishing imprint, InOtherWords. Discover their newest book projects—and the design books that inspire them. More...

Rare & Beautiful
By Peter Kraus November 24, 2020

Peter Kraus of Ursus Books spotlights one of the least-known periods in the evolution of the photo book in Japan, from the Bauhaus-influenced late 1920s to wartime propaganda. More...

Talking Eds
By Wes Del Val October 20, 2020

In our newest installment of Talking Eds, Wes Del Val talks to the founders of Inventory Press, a small publisher creating a wealth of unique design-oriented books, about how they work and what they’re publishing now. More...

Daily Features
By Steve Kroeter September 30, 2020

We are pleased and honored to announce that Designers & Books will be reissuing The Notebooks and Drawings of Louis I. Kahn. edited by Richard Saul Wurman and Eugene Feldman. To learn more, we invite you to visit The Louis I. Kahn Facsimile Project website, which provides all the key details about the forthcoming exact reproduction of Notebooks and Drawings, originally issued in 1962. More...

By Richard Saul Wurman September 30, 2020

Reading Klee’s writings was akin to having the switch turned on in a dark room.

Rare & Beautiful
By Peter Kraus August 13, 2020

For most of the twentieth century, books that brought together literature and fine art were largely published in France. Certainly almost none were published in the United States. The advent of the San Francisco-based Arion Press in 1974 changed all that. More...

By Wes Del Val July 14, 2020

Wes Del Val interviews the acclaimed graphic design magazine’s editor, John L. Walters, on the publication of Eye’s 100th issue. More...

By Rudy VanderLans June 30, 2020

This is the first design book I purchased shortly after I started design school. Glaser made graphic design look alive, vibrant, and human.

Book List of the Week
By Stephanie Salomon June 30, 2020

Milton Glaser (1925–June 26, 2020) “made graphic design look alive, vibrant, and human,” writes Rudy VanderLans. The Emigre Fonts cofounder is one of several designers who count the classic Milton GlaserGraphic Design, first published in 1973 and the most popular compilation of Glaser’s work, among the books that have inspired their careers. More...

Rare & Beautiful
By Peter Kraus June 23, 2020

The Russian-born book designer and publisher who went by the name of Iliazd and worked in Paris from the 1920s to the 1970s occupies a unique place in the history of the illustrated book. More...