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Daily Features
October 24, 2023

Renowned graphic designer and Designers & Books contributor Stefan Sagmeister brings us exactly the book we need now.

Titled Now is Better, this visual exploration of human progress over the past several centuries takes a long view that gives us cause for hope in the face of much of the current news. More...

Daily Features
By Witold Rybczynski July 13, 2023

What’s on our summer reading list? As design book devotees, we’re turning to The Story of Architecture by Witold Rybczynski.

Recently, Designers & Books had a chance to talk with the author about how he conceived his expansive and engaging history of buildings from the Stone Age to the present day—his 22nd book— and what readers can take away from it. More...

July 13, 2023

A global Baedeker to the long and interesting history of the planned suburb.

One Book and Why
June 15, 2023

In this summer installment of “One Book and Why,” Frederick Steiner, dean of the Stuart Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, recommends Before Central Park, an authoritative recent chronicle of two centuries of the history of New York City’s most famous work of of urban landscape design More...

One Book and Why
By Stefan Sagmeister May 11, 2023

Newest in our series “One Book and Why,” graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister recommends A Year with Swollen Appendices, a book of essays and ruminations by rock music provacateur Brian Eno, prominent since the 1970s when he founded the band Roxy Music. More...

April 12, 2023

I have enjoyed her stories and her essays, but connect best to Grace Paley’s poetry. Read anything by her.

One Book and Why
By Thom Mayne April 6, 2023

This month on “One Book and Why,” architect Thom Mayne recommends Italo Calvino’s reflection on what makes great writing, Six Memos for the Next Millennium. More...

One Book and Why
By Louise Fili March 23, 2023

Graphic designer Louise Fili recommends a political/historical novel in translation by contemporary Italian author Andrea Camilleri. More...

One Book and Why
By Steven Holl February 14, 2023

Architect Steven Holl recommends a book on an ever more-urgent issue in a new installment of our occasional series “One Book and Why.” More...

One Book and Why
By Steven Heller January 24, 2023

Graphic design writer and expert Steven Heller recommends a new book and kicks off our new series, “One Book and Why.” More...