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By Carola Zwick September 22, 2014

My all-time favorite and recommendation for students on how to cope with complexity.

By Carola Zwick August 30, 2013

Although it is already ten years old, this book is helpful in recognizing and understanding the ongoing changes and shift in priorities occurring in society.

By Cino Zucchi November 18, 2013

Plain language and sophisticated thought by one of the last scientists with deep humanistic interests. Gould narrates the story of the QWERTY keypad as it were that of a mollusk of the “Cambrian explosion.”

By Eva Zeisel October 16, 2013

This 1900 work was an important book for me. Crane talks about expressive and communicative line. I often referred to it in my lectures.

By Rocco Yim September 24, 2013

A dark comedy and morality tale of the fate of several individuals. That of a narcissistic composer is in particular a stark warning to any self-absorbed architect or designer.

By George Yabu December 2, 2013

What I love about this simple book is the philosophical exploration of beauty in impermanence and imperfection. I've always strived to attain the opposite in our work and I know I see the beauty in almost everything seen or unseen.

Daily Features
By Richard Saul Wurman October 18, 2022

Baseball’s World Series, set to begin later this month, prompts some recollections from Richard Saul Wurman about the game and how it connects to his close relationship with the architect Louis Kahn — and to the nature of architecture and creativity. More...

By Richard Saul Wurman September 30, 2020

Reading Klee’s writings was akin to having the switch turned on in a dark room.

The Proust Questionnaire — Book Edition
By Julius Wiedemann November 27, 2013

TASCHEN editor Julius Wiedemann likes books by Haruki Murakami, and on politics, philosophy, and poetry. He also likes to eat when he reads. These and other answers from Julius to The Proust Questionnaire—Book Edition. More...

Holiday Gift Book Lists 2013
By Norman Weinstein December 10, 2013

Designers & Books Book Board member Norman Weinstein offers his personally curated 2013 gift guide to seven design books for very particular readers. More...