Anthony Dunne

Product/Industrial Designer; Interaction Designer / United Kingdom / Dunne & Raby; Royal College of Art

Anthony Dunne’s Book List

I didn’t have any specific criteria in mind when selecting these books, but looking at the list, I see they all celebrate parallel worlds, the imagination, and unreality in some way.

5 books

I was given this book when I was in my first year at the Royal College of Art for a project we were doing about drawing the invisible. It opened my mind to the possibility of designing things that didn’t have to be real, didn’t even have to be built, but could happily exist as a drawing or an idea.

Stephen Duncombe

An inspiring take on the need to combine political critique and imagination, a reminder of the importance of dreaming, and a rallying cry to embrace the impossible.

Mike Mandel Editor
Larry Sultan Editor

The photographer Jason Evans showed Fiona (Raby) and me this book in 2001 while we working on the Placebo Project. I love how its archival images of technical experiments and tests can evoke so many narratives about what might be happening in each picture.

Andrea Branzi

I found this book while studying for my B.Des (Bachelor of Design) and it quickly became my bible. Suddenly, a whole world of other ways of designing seemed possible. It hints at some of the things design could have been, and maybe still can be.

Martti Kalliala
Jenna Suttela
Tuomas Toivonen

Part of Sternberg’s Solution Series, a collection of books where writers reimagine existing countries to entertain, provoke, and tickle the imagination.

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