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Product/Industrial Designer; Lighting Designer / France / Inga Sempé

Inga Sempé’s Book List

I am mainly interested in books for their text. I never buy or read “design” books. Books have always been important to me (although I'm finding less time to read at present).

Almost 95 percent of the books I have read were given to me by my mother. Usually books that have been suggested by others have turned out to be disappointing and heavy. Now I hardly trust people when they say they liked a book. I am becoming more interested in reading autobiographies—to hear the voice of a person talking about his or her life.

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Gillo Dorfles

I have always been surprised by the strange cycle of good and bad taste. It is never definitive. One thing can be regarded as ugly after having been considered a masterpiece. This analysis of kitsch, which I read as a design student, was really helpful.

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