Jens Martin Skibsted

Product/Industrial Designer / Denmark / KiBiSi/Biomega

Jens Martin Skibsted’s Book List

I like philosophy books that satisfy my curiosity. I’ve read very little fiction lately because there is so much I want to know. When I read fiction I am truly on holiday. I thought I would become a poet when I was young. (I did publish some poetry, but it’s all in Danish.)

2 books
Paul Feyerabend

Convincing anarchist approach to epistemology.

Gilles Deleuze
Félix Guattari

A deeply visionary book to be read with attention to its introduction, “Rhizome,” and in conjunction with its companion volume, Anti-Oedipus. A precursor to a lot of the later digital network thinking. I feel like I never fully understood these books. But they have always inspired and intrigued me.

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