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Peter Bohlin’s Book List

Reflections on some favorite books.

6 books
Christopher Alexander
Sara Ishikawa
Murray Silverstein

You will likely read A Pattern Language at a particular time in your career. When that moment occurred for me, this book reminded me of the very specific principles that lie beneath the vast carcass of this architecture business. Sometimes you forget about the bones.

I am a great admirer of Juhani Pallasmaa’s thinking and writing. The work of a wonderful man, who has several fine books, The Eyes of the Skin is particularly valuable and appropriate now. Not many people talk about what he talks about—not many people could—and even fewer can put that into actual practice.

Ann Cline

Many of us miss architect and architecture scholar Ann Cline. This little book reminds me each time why and how she meant so much. Ethics and salvation and huts, all in a lovely volume.

Architectural Association

The first Lewerentz project that I saw was the Flower Store in the cemetery near Malmö, Sweden. After that you never get Lewerentz out of your mind. There have been several Lewerentz books detailing his work and path from Nordic classicism to modernism. But this book from the London Architectural Association with its black sandpaper cover is exceptionally good. I find his work so touching.

Louis I. Kahn

Louis Kahn has been my favorite American architect, producing work that is both rigorous and touching, of seeming inevitability and gravity yet emotionally laden. He remains a great teacher. He is a man who can, in a project or words, make me tearful.

Glenn Murcutt

We draw. It is what we do. We draw to get where we need to go. I’ve always admired Glenn Murcutt for his precise care and thoughtfulness. It’s good to see the drawn string to his work.

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