Rocco Yim

Architect / Hong Kong / Rocco Design Architects Limited

Rocco Yim’s Book List

I love reading books. But I read them for relaxation, for fun, and for stimulating the mind, in that order—which is why I hardly ever take on serious subject matter in books. I value unpredictability, creative uniqueness, and beauty in writing, and I rarely “read” books on design and architecture.

5 books
Ian McEwan

A dark comedy and morality tale of the fate of several individuals. That of a narcissistic composer is in particular a stark warning to any self-absorbed architect or designer.

Haruki Murakami

Surreal and poetic with surprising twists and turns. The End of the World is part science fiction, part detective story, and part fantasy manifesto. The abundance of imagination is typical Murakami.

David Schickler

A unique story structure with characters so seemingly bizarre that they ultimately come across as authentic in the context of the bizarre city that is New York.


Gerhard L. Schroeder

A refreshing argument for how science and religion can actually converge. Reassuring and mind-opening at the same time.

Jane Urquhart

The life story of a painter that is itself like a painting, unfolding and revealing with great lyrical beauty.

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