Ronan Bouroullec

Product/Industrial Designer / France / Atelier Bouroullec, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan Bouroullec’s Book List

Alexander Girard, Donald Judd, Poul Kjaerholm.

5 books
Alexander Girard

This was given to me by Rolf Felhbaum. It’s a marvelous repertoire of folk art and toys from the collection of Alexander Girard, with photographs taken by Charles and Ray Eames.

Takeji Iwamiya

Three years ago, I was invited to meet some extraordinary craftsman in Japan. Just before coming back I discovered an antiquarian bookstore from which I bought 20 kilos (about 44 pounds) of books (the maximum weight I was allowed to carry back on the airplane). This book is the most interesting one out of that group. It is part of a two-volume series that covers a repertoire of old Japanese objects—from door handles to canoes to guitars to shoes.

Donald Judd
Contibutions by Volker Rattemayer et al.

This was the first art book I ever bought. I remember precisely that I bought it in a bookshop in Quimper Brittany, probably 17 years ago. Ever since (I’m 41), it has remained the most important art book for me because of—especially—the relationship of Judd’s highly refined pieces to the rustic interiors.

Michael Sheridan

One of the most recent books I've bought. I often complain about the quality of designers’ monographs. This is one of the few I like.

Sori (Munemichi) Yanagi

I bought this book when I first traveled to Japan, 15 years ago. It is a monograph designed and produced by Yanagi on his own work, which I think is the best way for a designer to do something clear and unique.

Over the past 15 years, I have looked at this book almost once a month, but it was not until recently that I discovered that there were some translations from Japanese into English. The book is so clear and precise that I never required any further explanation beyond the images to understand the meaning of his work.

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