Terence Riley

Architect / United States / Keenen/Riley (K/R)

Terence Riley’s Book List

13 books
Cecil Balmond

A few years ago, I took a man that I would have to describe as a media titan to a lecture by Cecil Balmond. I picked seats near the door as I was certain that our attendance would be limited to the first 20 minutes or so (my guest was just that kind of person, sampling one thing of interest before moving on to the next). Not only did he stay for the entire lecture and the question-and-answer session, but I watched with some amazement as he pulled out pen and paper and took notes. Balmond’s ability to address topics of great complexity in a way that appeals to the intellectually curious, but not technically trained, is a rare commodity. Balmond’s Informal translates his compelling lecture style to text and images in a thoroughly engaging way. I am certain it is the only book by an engineer that I have read and then re-read but also pick up from time to time just for the fun of leafing through it.

Octavio Paz

The most lucid treatment of a complex subject that has ever been written.

Jeffrey Kipnis

… and a pretty perfect act of writing.

Rem Koolhaas
Bruce Mau
Italo Calvino

The “next millennium” has proven to be more trying than expected, but Calvino’s predictions still seem valid for the long run.

Michael Feher Editor
Sanford Kwinter Editor
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