Janet Arnold
Macmillan, London, 1993, 1985, English
Nonfiction, Fashion Design
ISBN: 9780896760837

From the Publisher. A careful study of individual items of clothing and tailoring techniques to assist textile conservators and archaeologists in piecing together fragments from excavations. It is also a practical guide to cutting period costumes. The garments presented cover the periods of the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I in England. The text includes a discussion of the art and craft of the tailor. There are 56 plates of different costumes with detailed drawings and patterns for the completion of each work.

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Guo Pei

Examining this book (and the others in the same collection, which includes five books) was the first time I saw Occidental patterns. Occidental clothing patterns are quite different from Oriental ones. For an Oriental fashion designer, it's very hard to find and learn about Western patterns and pattern-making. So this moment was very precious for me.

时装图样:男女装裁剪与构建 1560-1620


Claire Wilcox

The series of analytical case studies of dress Patterns of Fashion by Janet Arnold is essential reading for any fashion designer (or theater costume designer) interested in the cut and construction of historical dress. Arnold’s work is key to understanding Vivienne Westwood’s collections of the early 1980s, in particular the cut of her trousers, based on early menswear.

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