Books by Contributors

These are the books that our invited designers, commentators, and guest contributors have written.
24 books
Becoming a Digital Designer
Steven Heller
Creative Code: Aesthetics + Computation
John Maeda
Designing for Small Screens
Carola Zwick et al.
Designing Gestural Interfaces
Dan Saffer
Designing for Interaction
Dan Saffer
Digital Colour for the Internet and Other Media
Carola Zwick et al.
The Digital Turn
Zane Berzina et al.
D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself
Ellen Lupton
The Invisible Computer
Donald Norman
Navigation for the Internet and Other Digital Media
Carola Zwick et al.
Pen and Mouse
Angus Hyland et al.
Prototype! Physical, Virtual, Hybrid, Smart
Julian Adenauer et al.
Skin: Substance, Surface, and Design
Ellen Lupton
User Centered System Design
Donald Norman et al.