Claire Wilcox

Curator; Writer; Lecturer / Fashion Design / United Kingdom / The Victoria and Albert Museum

Books Every Fashion Designer Should Read

Although I don’t have a good memory, the essence of every book I’ve read remains in me somewhere, inspiring connections or reflections when I least expect it. I’m sure it’s the same with fashion designers. Ideas and visual references are stored away; no gallery or museum visit is ever forgotten. . . . View the complete text
2 books
Valerie D. Mendes
Frances Hinchcliffe

The relationship between innovative textile design and fashion design is emphasized in Ascher’s work for couturiers such as Balenciaga. Balenciaga in particular utilized Ascher’s mohairs in sculptural forms such as his barrel coats.

Linda Parry

A visual history of British fabrics, this book draws on the V&A’s collections of woven, printed, and embroidered textiles and their designs. The creativity and diversity of historical textile design would, I hope, inspire any fashion designer.

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