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A 2nd Printing of the Bolted Book!

Because our acclaimed first printing has sold out and you’ve requested it, we're giving you another chance to own this graphic design masterpiece

By Steve Kroeter November 8, 2018

Our acclaimed facsimile edition of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 graphic design masterpiece, the Bolted Book (Depero Futurista), published in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter, has sold out.

But we have good news: Because of the many requests we’ve received, we’re planning a Kickstarter this coming February for a second printing.

UPATED Febraury 4, 2019: Our Kickstarter for the 2nd printing has launched! New for this campaign is a uniquely engineered display stand, designed especially to accommodate the Bolted Book's famous binding.

UPDATED January 7, 2019: If you missed out the first time or want another copy, and signed up at, with your name and email address, and you will be eligible to receive:

  • The best early bird price on the book and accompanying reader’s guide*
  • Email notification when the Kickstarter for the Bolted Book, 2nd printing, launches on February 4, 2019

(*When you successfully pledge for a book and reader's guide during the first 3 days of the Kickstarter. Estimated delivery date for book and display stand: Fall 2019)

Display stand custom-designed for the Bolted Book. The stand will also be available on its own on the Kickstarter for the Bolted Book, 2nd printing.


For more information on the Bolted Book facsimile edition, visit the Bolted Book website, or contact us at


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