Invited commentators (including critics, curators, editors, educators, executives, writers, and other design community members) have chosen books that have shaped their ideas about design—or that they think are important for those interested in design.
6 commentators
Aric Chen
Aric Chen (Commentator)
Architecture; Graphic Design; Product Design
Ellen Lupton
Ellen Lupton (Commentator)
Graphic Design
United States
Debbie Millman
Debbie Millman (Commentator)
Brand Design; Graphic Design
United States
Rick Poynor
Rick Poynor (Commentator)
Graphic Design
United Kingdom
Alice Rawsthorn
Alice Rawsthorn (Commentator)
Architecture; Fashion Design; Graphic Design; Interior Design; Product Design
United Kingdom
Véronique Vienne
Véronique Vienne (Commentator)
Graphic Design