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One Book and Why: Graphic Designer Louise Fili Recommends . . .

By Louise Fili March 23, 2023

In this installment of “One Book and Why,” graphic designer Louise Fili recommends a political/historical novel in translation by contemporary Italian author Andrea Camilleri (1925–2019): The Revolution of the Moon.

The Revoluton of the Moon by Andrea Camilleri (Europa Editions, 2017).

About this inspirational tale, based on a true story, of an “exceptional woman who rises to power in 17th-century Sicily and brings about sweeping changes that threaten the iron-fisted patriarchy, before being cast out in a coup after only 27 days,” Fili says:

“Camilleri was an extraordinary writer and this is the best place to start.”

By Andrea Camilleri
Translated by Stephen Sartarelli
Paperback, 208 pages (also published as ebook), 2017
Published by Europa Editions

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