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The Bolted Book 2nd Printing Kickstarter Campaign Is Now Live!

Support the encore printing of this acclaimed facsimile and own a masterpiece of avant-garde publishing and a book stand custom-designed to display it.

February 4, 2019

Updated March 20, 2019. Unfortunately, we did not reach our Kickstarter funding goal to reprint the Bolted Book. Please visit www.boltedbook.com to keep current on any updates.

Our acclaimed facsimile of Fortunato Depero’s 1927 graphic design sensation, the Bolted Book (Depero Futurista), is now back for a 2nd printing and available on Kickstarter through March 19, 2019.


Final week!

Pledge through March 19 on the Kickstarter and get:

  • The Bolted Book Facsimile + Reader's Guide for $135

  • Complete 3-Piece Set - Bolted Book Facsimile + Reader's Guide + Book Display Stand specially designed for the Bolted Book - for $175 

Your name will be included as a project supporter on the Acknowledgments page of the Reader's Guide and also on a page on www.boltedbook.com - the Official Bolted Book Website.

*These offers expire March 19, 11:59 pm (EST). Prices do not include shipping. 
Updated March 8, 2019.


Already have the book but want a way to display it? Pledge on the Kickstarter and get:

  • Custom-designed Book Display Stand only for $60.
Offer expires March 19, 11:59 pm (EST).  Price does not include shipping.

Bolted Book Custom-designed Display Stand - available on Kickstarter 

Are you a student on a budget? Pledge $35 (not including shipping) and get
  • The Reader's Guide to Bolted Book, featuring essays in English, translations of key texts in the Bolted Book into English, and many fascinating vintage photographs of Depero and the Futurist circle. And, you get your name in the acknowledgments as a project supporter.
"Depero Futurista (also known as the Bolted Book) is considered one of the avant-garde masterpieces in the history of the book-object. It exemplifies all the Futurist innovations: witty typographical effects; the use of colored inks and decorated paper; the brilliant idea of dynamo binding, making the book seem like a machine."  — from The Artist and the Book in Twentieth-century Italy(Museum of Modern Art, 1992)

The Kickstarter runs through March 19, 2019.





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