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By Bryn Smith, Superscript August 16, 2013

Designers are finding unexpected or unusual approaches to familiar subjects in an expanding range of platforms. More...

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By Angela Riechers, Superscript August 15, 2013

In our media-saturated, high-speed lives, nostalgic design references abound to counter what looks like a shiny yet hollow future.

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By Alan Rapp, Superscript August 14, 2013

Whether through omission, dramatization, or even fakery, architectural renderings today can make the unbuilt look real; the impossible within reach. More...

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By Kimberlie Birks, Superscript August 13, 2013

While the experience of viewing the artist's work may be ethereal, the process of creating such ephemerality is monumental. More...

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August 8, 2013

The author of Multiple Signatures on love and beauty and design. More...

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By Molly Heintz, Superscript August 7, 2013

Armed with insider knowledge of design and branding, a photo editor turned novelist casts a gimlet eye on East Asia’s jet set. More...

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By Kimberlie Birks, Superscript August 6, 2013

The new approach to home energy conservation has its moment in the sun. More...

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By Chappell Ellison, Superscript August 2, 2013

Maurice Sendak’s career extends far beyond Where the Wild Things Are to include over 80 illustrated books, numerous posters, performances, and projects. More...

Rare & Beautiful
By Randall Ross May 31, 2012

Guest blogger Randall Ross, of Modernism 101, specializing in mid-century modern design antiquarian books, presents highlights from his 2012 catalogue, which focuses on books that helped to set the stage for and define America's "Good Design" movement of the postwar period. — SK More...

Daily Features
By Alissa Walker February 16, 2012

Guest blogger: Alissa Walker (Los Angeles)
Profile   Notable Books of 2011
Guest blogger Alissa Walker—design and urbanism journalist, critic, and author—talks about why the era of coffee table books bigger than coffee tables is over. More...