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By Jens Holm October 14, 2013

In the words of Alan Moore: “A superhero Moby Dick.”

By Jens Holm August 14, 2013

Great achievements come in small steps.

By Jeffrey Bernett November 12, 2013

Ralph is a bit like Thomas Friedman, and his book By Design—covering architecture, industrial design, fashion design, graphic design, and the design of business and social situations—shows how design affects many of our most significant human activities.

By Jeffrey Beers August 26, 2013

I was lucky to work with Oscar Niemeyer at the beginning of my career. He was a remarkable man and an inspiration to me, opening my eyes to the world of color and form.

By Jeffrey Beers December 4, 2013

A portrait of a city discovering itself through design.

By Jeanne Gang August 23, 2013

What structure junky could resist discussions of spherical tetrahedrons, soap bubbles, or the delicate skeletal patterns found in radiolaria?

By Jeanne Gang January 3, 2014

Skillfully uncovers the contributions of Gray, a modernist Irish designer and architect who worked in Paris in the early 20th century. It reveals the story of her life as well as her connection with Le Corbusier, who is said to have coveted the house she designed for herself and Jean Badovici in the south of France.

By Ivan Chermayeff November 29, 2013

Paul Rand was not only the best graphic designer America ever produced, but one of the few who wrote really well about what he was doing.

By Isaac Mizrahi September 9, 2013

My idea of a page-turner.

By Alice Rawsthorn August 12, 2013

Proves decisively that big isn’t always better for books or anything else.