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What They Read in 2014: Current Reading from Six Designers

From Italo Calvino to Jared Cohen

December 29, 2014

We often ask our contributors not only what books have inspired them in the past but also what they’re reading now. Here are a few of the answers we received in 2014. You can find the complete list of 135 books our designers and commentators have recently read in our section on Current Reading.

Digiland, part of Dunne & Raby’s project United Micro Kingdoms (2012–13). Photo: courtesy of Dunne & Raby
Fiona Raby's Current Reading

Margaret Atwood, China Miéville.

Anthony Dunne's Current Reading

Richard Jefferies, John Gray.

Ian Ritchie's Current Reading

Italo Calvino, John Cheever, José Saramago.

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