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Win a Copy of Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History

Enter to win a copy of a new 550-page illustrated history of bicycles and their design.

August 13, 2014

Update, August 21, 2014: This giveaway is now closed. The winners are Sophie Webb and Alan Sobkowiak. Watch “Design Books to Win” for our newest giveaway.

Calling all aficionados of biking and bicycle design! Enter our drawing to win one of two copies of the comprehensive (550 pages) illustrated history The Wall Street Journal called a “marvelous book” and “a winning tour of bike design.” The drawing for Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History, courtesy of The MIT Pressstarts today, August 13, 2014, and ends Tuesday, August 19, 2014, at 11:59 PM (EST).

This drawing kicks off a series of giveaways we will be holding of new books by publishers featured in the Designers & Books Online Book Fair.


Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History, by Tony Hadland and Hans Erhard Lessing, 2014 (The MIT Press). 7 x 9 inches, hardcover, 576 pages, 306 illustrations

Enter the drawing to win a copy of this book:

Win a copy of Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History


From the Publisher. From the earliest velocipedes (invented to fill the need for horseless transport during a shortage of oats) to modern racing bikes, mountain bikes, and recumbents. It traces the bicycle’s development in terms of materials, ergonomics, and vehicle physics, as carried out by inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers.

Written by two leading bicycle historians and generously illustrated with historic drawings, designs, and photographs, Bicycle Design describes the key stages in the evolution of the bicycle, beginning with the counterintuitive idea of balancing on two wheels in line, through the development of tension-spoked wheels, indirect drives (employing levers, pulleys, chains, and chainwheels), and pneumatic tires. The authors examine the further development of the bicycle for such specific purposes as racing, portability, and all-terrain use; and they describe the evolution of bicycle components including seats, transmission, brakes, lights (at first candle-based), and carriers (racks, panniers, saddlebags, child seats, and sidecars).

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