Lewis Carroll
Firefly Books, Toronto, 2003; originally published in 1968, English
Fiction, Children’s
ISBN: 9781552977545

The satire of Lewis Carroll's world is as timely today as it was when first revealed in 1865. In this edition, brought to life with Ralph Steadman's brilliant illustrations, the familiar cast—the White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, March Hare and Alice—speak with an ironic eloquence that will win over a new generation of readers. Victorian illustrator Sir John Tenniel created the 19th-century vision of Alice in Wonderland. The 20th century version was established by Disney’s animated motion picture. Now Ralph Steadman's relentlessly spirited pen brings a new dimension to the classic tale that will delight Alice enthusiasts and Steadman fans alike. When Steadman's Alice appeared in 1968, it received instant acclaim. Long out of print, his Alice has been regarded as a rare—and much coveted—treasure. This new edition is a meticulously restored version of the original British release: a brillant collaboration of two distinctive talents.

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Daniel Libeskind

“The best books have pictures,” says Alice, and this is the best—and most scary!

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