Emilio Salgari
Mondadori/Electa, Milan, 1995, Italian; originally published in 1898
Fiction, Children’s
ISBN: 9788804407614

In Emilio Salgari’s swashbuckling masterpiece, an Italian aristocrat turns to piracy in order to seek vengeance over the murder of his brothers by becoming “The Black Corsair.” On a relentless hunt for the culprit, an army officer by the name of Van Guld, the Black Corsair enlists the aid of the greatest pirates of his time to help him achieve his ultimate revenge.

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Cleto Munari

The sea voyage, the mystery, and the awe associated with the protagonist, Emilio—Lord of Ventimiglia, Valpenta, and Roccabruna—launched me, when I was a child, into a world of fantasy and mythical adventures. That was the period when I really started dreaming full-time.

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