Rudolf Koch
Woodcut illustrations by Felix Kredel
The First Editions Club, London, 1930, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design

The Book of Signs contains 493 classified and documented illustrations, collected, drawn, and explained by the celebrated typographer Rudolf Koch. Divided into 14 different categories, it includes General Signs, The Cross, Monogram of Christ, Other Christian Signs, Monograms of Medieval Church and State Leaders, Stone Masons' Signs, The Four Elements, Astronomical Signs, Astrological Signs, Botanical Signs, Chemical Signs, House and Holding Marks, Miscellany, and Runes.

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Alice Koeth

An extensive collection of “bare bone” symbols and images, drawn and explained by this celebrated calligrapher, teacher, and typographer. It provides a historic graphic repertoire for designers to build upon. When creatively embellished or used with decorative flourishing, these graphic images give artists and calligraphers myriad opportunities to solve design ideas for today’s taste and style, without diminishing the meaning and integrity of the “bone.” Today’s icons have stripped the embellishments of centuries to the “bare bones” of a symbol’s original image. A wonderful comfort for any artist.

With so many international travelers, we must live in a world filled with icons. The necessity of immediate communication is imperative. Images give the directions.

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