Steve Crist
AMMO Books, Los Angeles, CA, 2012, English
Nonfiction, Architecture; Nonfiction, Graphic Design
8 x 10 inches, paperback, 192 pages
ISBN: 9781934429082
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95

From the Publisher. Behind every great photograph is a story. For every noteworthy image there are many more images taken before and after "the moment" that are often left unseen to anyone but the photographer himself. Featuring an array of original contact sheets from more than forty international photographers, The Contact Sheet allows in-depth insight into the subject matter and the photographic process, often revealing a deeper story that has not been told. From William Claxton to William Wegman, the photographers in this collection range from well-known names to up-and-coming artists, making this an indispensable addition to the library of any serious love of photography.

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