Minako Tsurikisawa Editor
PIE International, Tokyo, Japan, 2011, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
9 x 12 inches, hardcover, 224 pages, 600 illustrations
ISBN: 9784756240514
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

From the Publisher. The latest catalogs and annual reports for various enterprises, schools, and facilities from many countries are presented in this single volume. Both the covers and contents of each catalog are presented to provide a clear understanding of their underlying concepts, layouts, and overall structures. A written description of the design concept adds further insight into the approach. This invaluable volume presents superb design of corporate guides as well as a glimpse at the latest design trends. As a reference for those graphic works and the trends of graphic design, this is a must-have book for graphic designers of all levels. The contents are grouped by the industries, such as real estate, interiors, and construction; finance, insurance, and law; machinery and other manufacturing; food and beverages; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; healthcare, medical services and sports; design, advertising, mass communications, printing, and paper; telecommunications and information technology; consumer services and infrastructure; school, education, and facilities; and organization.

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