Olaf Salié
Friedrich Conzen
DAAB, Cologne, 2011, English, German
Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History
9.4 x 11.3 inches, hardcover, 468 pages, color illustrations
ISBN: 9783942597227
Suggested Retail Price: $95.00

From the Publisher. Leading German corporations as owners of art collections, which, in importance and size, are in no way inferior to those of public museums, has become quite a common phenomenon. The individual endeavors of art-loving executives soon turned into a successful example of modern corporate culture. High-profile and professionally cared for corporate collections create a cultural indentity. Corporate Collections takes a look at these comprehensive corporate collectors’ activities in Germany. About 100 corporate collections, their approaches, and their focuses are presented in this valuable book of plates. For quick reference, all corporations and their respective locations are listed in a booklet index. Corporate Collections explores the role of these corporate collections as sponsors of art whose influence so far has gone almost unnoticed.

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