Fortunato Depero
Dinamo-Azari, Milan, 1927, Italian
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
12.5 (l.) x 9.5 (h.) in., oblong, bound in flexible boards, secured with two aluminum bolts, 240 pages

Monograph of work of Italian Futurist artist Fortunato Depero (1892–1960) and often referred to as the Bolted Book because of the two metal bolts that bind it.

Designed as a kind of portable museum or calling card, the book comprises a portfolio of Depero’s career to date (1927) and includes paintings, sculptures, textile and architectural designs, theater and advertising work, wordplays, manifestos, and reviews he received in many different languages. It is at the same time a showcase of his skills as a designer and typographical innovator. Printed in part on various colored papers; numerous leaves printed on both sides. Illustrated throughout with typographical compositions and reproductions of paintings, drawings, and photographs; includes original relief prints, among them advertisements for the liqueur Campari.

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