Victor Olgyay
Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1992, 1963, English
Nonfiction, Architecture

From the Publisher. Architecture must pool the efforts of several sciences: biology for a definition of the measure and purpose of comfort requirements; meteorology for a precise description of the existing climatic conditions; the engineering sciences for a rational solution and execution. Using the findings from these other sciences and applying them to four distinct climate regions—temperate, cool, hot-arid, hot-humid—Victor Olgyay shows how we can arrive at new interpretations and exactness in architectural theories of orientation, shading, building form, air movements, site location, and effects of materials. His findings suggest new and exciting regional expressions and diverse patterns for town layouts.

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Jeanne Gang

To this day, Design With Climate remains one of the clearest volumes on how to design “with,” rather than “against,” climate. Though our tools for understanding air movement and solar shading have now become more sophisticated, the brevity and precision in Olgyay’s simple, black-and-white diagrams make this a great resource for those interested in designing with climate in mind.

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