Ikko Tanaka
Pan Zhu Creative Publishing, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009, Chinese; originally published 1997 in Japanese
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9789868129214

From the Publisher. Assembled by renowned Japanese graphic designer Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002), this book, marked by keen observations, humor and poetic insight, addresses design thought, design methods, and the origin of design. a light, and has published in various newspapers and magazines in Japan media, the essence of the article. For this Traditional Chinese version, design expert Kenya Hara was invited to provide a preface and the book also includes contributions from major Chinese designers.

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Freeman Lau

Ikko Tanaka is a Japanese design legend who built a complete design culture and kingdom. His simple yet beautiful designs became a great (aesthetic) influence to future generations of Japanese and international designers alike, while his ultimate masterpiece, the Muji brand, plays a significant role in both local and global markets. This book (not available in English; the title is translated from Chinese and the original was published in Japanese) is a collection of Tanaka’s thoughts and stories on design from which readers will find the most original and masterful insights.



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