Cameron Sinclair Architecture for Humanity, Editor
Kate Stohr Architecture for Humanity, Editor
Metropolis Books, New York, 2006, English
Nonfiction, Urban Design; Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9781933045252

From the Publisher. The greatest humanitarian challenge we face today is that of providing shelter. Currently one in seven people lives in a slum or refugee camp, and more than three billion people—nearly half the world's population—do not have access to clean water or adequate sanitation. The physical design of our homes, neighborhoods, and communities shapes every aspect of our lives. Yet too often architects are desperately needed in the places where they can least be afforded. Edited by Architecture for Humanity, Design Like You Give a Damn is a compendium of innovative projects from around the world that demonstrate the power of design to improve lives. The first book to bring the best of humanitarian architecture and design to the printed page, Design Like You Give a Damn offers a history of the movement toward socially conscious design and showcases more than 80 contemporary solutions to such urgent needs as basic shelter, health care, education, and access to clean water, energy, and sanitation. Featured projects include some sponsored by Architecture for Humanity as well as many others undertaken independently, often against great odds.

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Zoë Ryan
This book illustrates the power of design to change lives and emphasizes the crucial work of organizations such as Architecture for Humanity.
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