Frieda Friedman
Puffin, New York, 1947, 1988, English
Fiction, Children’s
ISBN: 9780140325256
On 1 book list
Debbie Millman

Dot for Short is a charming, bittersweet story written in 1947 about an insecure ten-year-old girl who can’t wait to grow up. “She envies her two gorgeous sisters (Fluff and Peg) who are tall and slender and know how to talk to boys.” Her family is having financial difficulties, which she feels powerless to improve. Then she sees an ad in a ladies’ magazine featuring a contest to write a limerick about “why you use Masterpiece Muffin mix.” The prize was $10,000. She, of course, writes a limerick and . . . well, that’s all I am going to tell you. Needless to say the entire scenario of the book converged with my life, my interests, and even my fledging enchantment with—dare I say it—branding.

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